Ford Sierra

1982-1993 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Ford Siyerra
+ 1.2. Identification of the car
+ 2. Maintenance
- 3. General data
   + 3.1. Cars with petrol engines
   - 3.2. Cars with diesel engines
      - 3.2.1. Changes in a car design from 1988 to 1993. Dm3 engine 2,3
         + Dm3 engine 1,8
         - Fuel system
   Fuel filter
   Removal and installation of nozzles
   Fuel pump
         + The repair which is not demanding removal of the engine Removal and installation of the engine Dismantling of the engine Check of details Check of gaps of a bent shaft and rods Assembly of the engine Lubrication system Cooling system Coupling Mechanical MT 75 five-speed transmission Power shaft and back bridge System of steering Forward suspension bracket Brake system Electric equipment General data
+ 4. Engines
+ 5. Coupling
+ 6. Transmissions
+ 7. Driveshaft and back bridge
+ 8. Steering
+ 9. Suspension brackets
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Electric equipment

- Removal and installation of nozzles



It is necessary to protect the generator from hit in it diesel fuel.


1. To disconnect a weight wire from the accumulator.
2. To disconnect carefully from the fuel pump of connection of pipelines of injection.
3. To disconnect carefully from nozzles of connection of pipelines of injection.
4. To disconnect fuel return pipelines from nozzles.
5. To unscrew nozzles and to establish protective caps on sprays.
6. To take washers of thermal isolation and to wipe them.


1. To establish new washers of thermal isolation by the convex party to a head of the block of cylinders.
2. To insert nozzles into openings in a head of the block of cylinders and to tighten them the necessary moment.
3. To screw on nozzles of connection of pipelines of injection. To be convinced that the brackets of fastening of pipelines (counteracting fluctuations) are on the required places.
4. To screw connections of pipelines of injection on the fuel pump.
5. To install fuel return pipelines on nozzles.
6. To connect the accumulator, to start the engine and to check tightness of connections.