Ford Sierra

1982-1993 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Ford Siyerra
+ 1.2. Identification of the car
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. General data
- 4. Engines
   + 4.1. Petrol engines
   - 4.2. Diesel engine
      + 4.2.1. Technical characteristics
      4.2.2. Check and adjustment of gaps of valves
      + 4.2.3. Fuel system
      + 4.2.4. Nozzles
      4.2.5. Glow plugs
      4.2.6. Check of a compression
      4.2.7. Removal of air from fuel system
      4.2.8. Fuel filter
      4.2.9. Fuel pump, installation of the beginning of injection of fuel
      4.2.10. Adjustment of speed of idling
      - 4.2.11. The repair which is not demanding removal of the engine
         + Head of the block of cylinders Removal and installation of the engine
         + Dismantling, repair and assembly of the engine
         - Lubrication system
   Oil pump
   Check of pressure of oil
         + Cooling system
+ 5. Coupling
+ 6. Transmissions
+ 7. Driveshaft and back bridge
+ 8. Steering
+ 9. Suspension brackets
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Electric equipment

- Lubrication system Oil pump


Lubrication system

1 – oil pump,
2 – pump oil receiver,
3 – oil pallet,
4 – drain stopper,
5 – laying of the oil pallet,
6 – holder of an oil filter,
7 – oil pressure sensor,
8 – oil heater,
9 – oil filter,
10 – guide of the index of level of oil,
11 – index of level of oil,
12 – gear wheel of the drive of the oil pump,
13 – bolt of fastening of the oil pump

Oil pump

1 – cover,

2 – oil receiver,

3 – a shaft with a gear wheel,

4 – case,

5 – valve,

6 – gear wheel


1. To merge oil from the engine.
2. To disconnect a wire of weight from the accumulator and to remove the air filter.
3. To take the top sheet casing of a radiator and to disconnect two holders of an engine mount.
4. To hold the engine by means of the elevator (adaptation 21.060).
5. To unscrew bolts and to remove the oil pallet.
6. To unscrew a stopper on the case of the oil pump.
7. To unscrew a nut with the muffled opening, to take a washer; to unscrew a bolt of fastening of the oil pump and to take it together with a washer.
8. To take from within the block of cylinders the oil pump 1 (2 – a power shaft of the pump).


1. To install the oil pump in the block of cylinders of the engine so that the conical opening was in its case opposite to an opening with a carving for a fastening bolt.
2. To establish a copper washer, to tighten a bolt of fastening of the oil pump and a nut with the muffled opening together with a washer.
3. To measure gap width between stopper surfaces with a carving and the block of cylinders of the engine.
4. To establish a washer 0,05-0,10 mm thick for providing the corresponding working gap.
5. To perform other operations in the return sequence in relation to process of removal of the oil pump.